Mintlayer Ecosystem

The Mintlayer Ecosystem Fund is a partnership between forward-thinking blockchain-oriented investors and other stakeholders of the Mintlayer ecosystem, meant to drive innovation in the burgeoning Bitcoin-centric DeFi ecosystem that is being built on the Mintlayer sidechain.

Members of the fund primarily invest in projects that bring something new and unique to the Mintlayer ecosystem, and in some way get us closer to our goal of making Bitcoin more useful and more directly interoperable with all decentralized finance use cases. Most investments will range from $50K-$200K.

Aside from direct investment from the fund, there are three types of initiatives which are being run in parallel:

Incubator programs

Incubator programs

If you have a unique idea, we will help you take it from the drawing board all the way to unicorn status. These programs are meant for projects that are still in their earliest stages of development, and who require mentorship with any of the following:

  • Putting together a team
  • Designing a technical roadmap
  • Legal structure
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Fundraising
Accelerator programs

Accelerator programs

These programs are meant for experienced teams with a clear idea and roadmap that they are ready to start executing on right now. You will fly out with your team to meet with senior VCs and advisors who will take you under their wing, help you fundraise and go to market within your intended schedule.

Grants initiative

Grants initiative

We’re all about free and open source development. If you have an idea which can create value within the Mintlayer ecosystem, but doesn’t involve issuing a preallocated token or generating a revenue stream, you should apply for a grant. Some examples of projects we want to support with our ecosystem grants initiative are:

  • Wallets, including Lightning Network tools
  • Block explorers and other analytic tools
  • Developer tools
  • Educational resources

Do you have a project and want to build on Mintlayer?

We want to help our ecosystem grow as much as possible, bringing over the best teams, ideas into the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Are you interested in getting allocations?

We have a steady stream of hot projects which will only be available through our invite-only dashboard!