Mintlayer Ecosystem

The Mintlayer Ecosystem is a hub of partners and incubated projects that brings together key players in the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem. This collaborative space is designed to nurture growth and innovation in the burgeoning Bitcoin-centric DeFi landscape through the Mintlayer sidechain.

Ecosystem Fund

Members of the fund primarily back initiatives that introduce fresh and unique elements to the Mintlayer ecosystem, aiding in the realization of our goal to enhance Bitcoin's utility and foster direct interoperability with a wide array of decentralized finance use cases. Support generally ranges from $50K-$200K.

Beyond direct support from the fund, there are three types of initiatives being pursued concurrently.

Incubator programs

Incubator programs

If you harbor a unique idea, we are here to nurture it from conception to fruition. These programs cater to projects in their nascent stages, offering guidance in areas such as:

  • Assembling a cohesive team
  • Crafting a technical roadmap
  • Establishing a legal structure
  • Formulating a marketing strategy
  • Fundraising strategies
Accelerator programs

Accelerator programs

Designed for seasoned teams ready to hit the ground running with a clear roadmap, these programs offer a chance to collaborate with senior advisors and potential backers, helping you to launch within your intended timeframe.

Grants initiative

Grants initiative

We champion free and open-source development. If you have an idea that can add value to the Mintlayer ecosystem without necessitating a preallocated token or generating a revenue stream, consider applying for a grant. We are keen to support projects such as:

  • Wallets, inclusive of Lightning Network tools
  • Block explorers and other analytical tools
  • Tools for developers
  • Educational resources

Do you have a project and are keen to develop it on Mintlayer?

We are eager to foster the growth of our ecosystem, welcoming the best teams and ideas into the Bitcoin landscape.


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