We will be updating the Mojito Wallet mobile apps soon for Mainnnet integration, in the meantime please use the desktop browser extension.


The next generation
crypto wallet.

Raise a glass.

Access your Bitcoin from anywhere, send payments, and more.
Next generation security for the future of blockchain.

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Keep your crypto safe with industry leading security technology.

Have complete control and custody of your crypto - your keys, your coins.

Manage your Bitcoin anonymously. No registration or account setup required.


Multiple wallets, one simple solution

Mojito allows you to create multiple wallets to store, send and receive BTC all in the one place.


Use your wallet everywhere

Access Mojito via desktop, or on the go with your mobile. Mojito gives you the freedom to use your funds, wherever you are.


Your keys, your coins

Mojito is a non-custodial decentralized wallet, meaning we don’t hold your funds - you do.

You own your private keys, and you have full control and true ownership of your assets. Not some third party.


Powerful security, simplified

Mojito’s in-built security makes protecting your crypto easy.

The wallet uses industry-leading technology to protect your account from bad actors and other attacks.

Whether it’s securing your wallet address, protecting your transaction history, or even restoring your wallet - we’ve designed Mojito to make looking after your assets simple.

Advanced Integration

Mojito works with your infrastructure.

Connect Mojito to your own Electrum node for added safety and privacy. Use TOR to encrypt network traffic and connect remotely, adding an extra layer of anonymity to your transactions.

Here’s how Mojito protects your privacy and keeps your crypto secure:
Anonymous Addresses

Generate fresh private keys for each transaction. Protect your transaction history from prying eyes and keep your identity anonymous.

Client-side Encryption

Encrypt and protect data on your own device before any information touches our servers. No server-side hacks, no malware, no problems.

Easy to Restore

If anything happens to your device, you can enter your seed phrase on a new device and your account is exactly as you left it.

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The freedom to use your funds, wherever you are.

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