Partnership Announcement - Seed Venture

Monday, Aug 1, 2022

We are very happy to announce our latest partnership with Seed Venture.

Seed Venture is a fully decentralized blockchain platform that is building a bridge between decentralized finance and the economy to provide matching liquidity between investors and startups.

The platform enables the launch of crowdfunding campaigns in which founders don’t get diluted and investors receive tokens in exchange for their investment.

They will be deploying on Mintlayer to allow minting of SEED tokens on our chain. Tokens will be airdropped to SEED holders on both Ethereum and Polygon.

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We’re excited to have Seed Venture as part of the Mintlayer ecosystem 🎉

About Seed Venture

Seed Venture is a for-profit social impact ecosystem developers and impact investors working with public, development & private sector organizations.

Seed Venture is a fully decentralized blockchain platform that facilitates funding for startups without a blockchain business model to funnel DeFi liquidity to said startups.

The platform enables the launch of crowdfunding campaigns in which founders don’t get diluted and in which investors can receive tokens in exchange for their investment. Investors can also “wrap” their tokens to easily swap them into liquidity pools that are automatically created and fed by the platform.

The platform has a web-based interface, Seedefi, that provides services to enhance user experience for interacting with fluid smart contracts.

The platform is currently live on Ethereum testnet, with approximately 15 startups testing at the time of writing this article.Polygon, Ethereum and Mintlayer are the first scheduled releases for the platform.

About the partnership

Seed Venture 2.0 will be released on multiple blockchains, including Polygon and Ethereum (post-merge, to allow for safe and smooth deployment). These two platforms will be independent of each other and the startups involved will have the full capacity over which chain they choose to launch their funding on.

All contracts will be released on both platforms.

Seed Venture will offer the opportunity to run a fundraising campaign for startups (no need to be blockchain based) on Mintlayer. They will facilitate this by:

Fluid secondary market

Traditionally, startup shares are illiquid, and privacy or pseudonymity aren’t considered. The Mintlayer secondary market assures liquidity, pseudonymity, and privacy preservation.

Security and compliance

Web2 startups and crowd investors are still not convinced when it comes to decentralized platforms. The Seedefi interface works as a simple transition from the Web2 world to Web3.

Bridging regulation and privacy

Everyone can invest in the startups that will be shown on the platform. The wrapping model creates two separate worlds with distinct advantages.

Easy access

The easy-to-use interface makes financial inclusion possible. Startups can easily create fundraising campaigns on the blockchain without the hassle of having to navigate the blockchain themselves.

Once the snapshot is complete, an airdrop of around 300.000.000 SEEDs on the Polygon blockchain to holders will be carried out, after which point no further tokens can be airdropped or minted.

If you have SEED tokens in your Ethereum wallet, you’ll receive the same amount of SEED in your Polygon address, which you can manage independently with the same private key.

Once Seed Venture is deployed on Mintlayer, minting and airdropping SEED tokens on Mintlayer will be possible to holders on both Ethereum and Polygon networks. The exact supply and distribution remain to be confirmed at this stage. Holders with SEED on Ethereum or Polygon will also find their SEED balance on Mintlayer.

Conclusion: we are very much looking forward to this partnership and can’t wait to see what we can build with Seed Venture. If you have any questions regarding the partnership, feel free to contact us at

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