Become a Mintlayer Ambassador

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Hi Mintlayer Family,
Mintlayer is excited to announce the launch of its Ambassador Program, designed to empower passionate individuals who want to contribute to the future of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on the Bitcoin blockchain. This program offers a unique opportunity for advocates, evangelists, and students to play a pivotal role in shaping the DeFi landscape through advocacy, community engagement, and educational initiatives. By joining the Mintlayer Ambassador Program, you’ll have the chance to make a meaningful impact while being rewarded for your efforts.

Choose Your Path:

Mintlayer offers three unique ambassador roles tailored to your interests and expertise: Technical Advocate, Community Evangelist, and Student Ambassador. You can choose to focus on one path or embark on all three to maximize your impact and rewards.

Technical Advocate

  • Be at the forefront of promoting Mintlayer within the developer community.
  • Bridge the gap between technical innovations and developer engagement.
  • Showcase how Mintlayer leverages Bitcoin to create powerful DeFi solutions.

Community Evangelist

  • Amplify Mintlayer’s visibility and engagement within the crypto community.
  • Spread the word about Mintlayer’s mission and vision.
  • Highlight Mintlayer’s innovative solutions and their potential to transform the DeFi space.

Student Ambassador

  • Introduce Mintlayer to the student community and academic institutions.
  • Bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world Bitcoin applications.
  • Help students understand the potential of Bitcoin in the DeFi ecosystem and inspire them to get involved.

What We’re Looking For:

  • Passion for Bitcoin and DeFi: We’re seeking individuals who are genuinely excited about enabling Bitcoin utility in the DeFi space and believe in its transformative potential.
  • Desire to Help Others: If you’re passionate about expanding the DeFi community and helping others understand its potential, you’re the perfect fit for our Ambassador Program.


  • Professional Growth: Access exclusive professional development opportunities in a dynamic and rapidly expanding ecosystem, boosting your skills and experience in the world of Bitcoin and DeFi.
  • Local Community Representation: Represent your local community and share their needs and perspectives on a global platform, ensuring that Mintlayer remains inclusive and responsive to diverse voices.
  • Special Recognition Gifts: Receive limited-edition gifts as a token of our appreciation for your dedication and efforts in promoting Mintlayer and DeFi on Bitcoin.
  • Meaningful Contribution: Make a significant impact by helping to advance the future of financial technology in the DeFi space, shaping the way people interact with and benefit from decentralized finance.
  • Early Product Access: Get exclusive early access to the Mintlayer ecosystem, including the Launchpad and pre-sales, giving you a unique advantage in the DeFi space.
  • Performance-Based Rewards: Earn $ML rewards based on your performance and contribution to the growth and success of Mintlayer and DeFi on Bitcoin.

By joining our program, you’ll have the chance to contribute to the growth and adoption of Mintlayer, while also developing your skills, expanding your network, and earning rewards for your efforts. We invite you to join us to help unlock the $1T Bitcoin DeFi opportunity to the world.  

Apply now:

Stay tuned for more updates by following us on Twitter, joining our Telegram community, and engaging with us on Discord. Your feedback and support are invaluable as we continue to innovate and improve.