Mintlayer’s ML token will list with

Thursday, Mar 23, 2023


After careful deliberation with our team and advisors, we have decided to postpone trading of $ML on for an additional 24 hours. We intend to maximise our listing exposure and have decided to wait for the Arbitrum airdrop to conclude before opening trading.

Trading of $ML will commence on from March 24, 2023 at 12PM CET.

Exciting news for our upcoming token launch! 

Mintlayer is thrilled to announce we’re listing the ML token with, one of the largest Crypto exchanges worldwide by volume. will list the ML token on its exchange from the 21st of March, 2023. makes it easy for users to purchase ML through their exchange with crypto, fiat on-ramps, P2P trading and more.


Established in 2013 and with over 12 Million registered users, we’re proud to partner with to make ML tokens available to the public. 

The decision to work with Gate was based on more than their impressive trading volume. They are the first mainstream platform with a 100% proof-of-reserves commitment. Gate’s commitment to transparency aligns with our values as a project, and was an important factor in determining the right partnership for the ML token. provides a fantastic platform for ML users to trade their tokens conveniently and efficiently. We look forward to being part of the cutting-edge ecosystem that Gate has developed over the past decade.

ML Listing Timeline

The token listing details are as follows:

March 21, 2023 - opens ML Token deposits

March 21 is the day of the Token Generation Event (TGE). If you have purchased (or earned) ML tokens, you will see the balance on your dashboard.

If you have specified to claim your ML on the Ethereum network, you will be able to claim unlocked tokens to a non-custodial wallet (for more details on claiming your ML tokens, please click here). is open to receiving deposits of ML from the 21st of March. You can deposit claimed ML tokens into your wallet ahead of public trading that begins on March 23.

March 22, 2023 - ML Token launches on Gate’s Startup platform

On March 22 at 9AM CET, ML Tokens will be available on the Startup Launchpad.

Users can participate in Gate’s token launch platform and obtain ML tokens. The promotion runs for 24 hours and will conclude at 9AM CET on March 23.

For more details on the launch promotion, click here.

March 24, 2023 - ML Token available for public trading on

Public trading of ML begins on March 24 at 12:00PM CET.

The available trading pair is ML/USDT.

The initial unlocked token supply of ML at the TGE is 15,820,000 ML. The rest of the ML tokens are subject to vesting schedules of different lengths. After two years, approximately 335,000,000 ML tokens will be unlocked.