Mintlayer Pre-TGE ML Token Sale

Friday, Mar 3, 2023

There will be a pre-TGE ML (Mintlayer token) public token sale on March 13, 2023. The available tokens will be ERC-20, fully unlocked with no vesting period.  

The Pre-TGE ML Token Sale will begin at 9AM CET and will run for 24 hours only (or until the allocation is exhausted). The tokens are available at the public sale price of $0.25.

There will be $50k worth of $ML available. Participants can purchase one ticket only from one of the the three available ticket sizes. Ticket sizes are: $50 / $150 / $300.

This will be the last opportunity to acquire $ML prior to the token generation event on March 21. 

To participate, log in to

On the dashboard, you’ll see a countdown. When the countdown ends, three tickets will appear; there is no need to refresh the page to see them. Click on the ticket you want to buy and confirm the selection.

If you see a success message on your dashboard, a ticket has been booked for you.

You will have up to 4 hours to pay in BTC to confirm your allocation.

You will be able to claim your ML tokens at the time of the Token Generation Event.

Lightning Network payments will be accepted, or you can send BTC with any wallet that can transfer to a Segwit address.

Good luck Mintlayers!