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Secure the network.
Earn ML.

Earn ML tokens* and contribute to the growth of the Mintlayer Ecosystem.

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Put your ML to work.

Mintlayer’s staking program allows you to earn yield on your ML tokens, and become part of our upcoming testnet to earn additional rewards.

Staking is a fundamental piece of the Proof-of-Stake mechanism that makes Mintlayer possible.

Through staking, blocksigners ensure the security and reliability of transactions on Mintlayer by legitimizing blocks created on the network.

Blocksigners must stake tokens in order to legitimize and produce blocks, and are rewarded for their contributions to the network's operation.

how it works

Step One

Stake & Earn

Stake ML, Earn ML and TML

Staked ML tokens earn both ML tokens and Testnet ML (TML) tokens.
Earn daily rewards and valuable tokens to participate in our testnet.

Stake & Earn

Stake ML and earn rewards

Staking your ML earns both ML tokens and TML tokens.
TML tokens can be used to run a node on the testnet* for additional rewards.

*Note: Participation in the testnet is optional.

Competitive Yield

Staking your tokens is easy, secure, and offers a competitive yield on your ML. Simply connect your wallet to get started.

Flexible staking

With flexible lockups, you can choose how much to earn. Choose the staking strategy to meet your needs.

Step Two

Incentivized Testnet

Supercharge your yield

Use your TML tokens to run a testnet node and earn additional ML rewards.

Maximize Your Earnings by running a node

Using your earned TML tokens, you can participate in the testnet by operating a node. Node operators supporting the testnet can earn rewards for signing blocks.

Blocksigner rewards convert to native ML tokens at the conclusion of the testnet.

Support the Network and Earn Rewards

Mintlayer relies on a network of validators to secure the blockchain and verify transactions. By staking your TML and running a node, you not only earn rewards for yourself but also help support the network's stability and growth.

Secure and Supported

Running a node on the testnet to earn rewards requires some technical expertise, but we're here to help. Our support team is available to assist you and we'll provide you with resources to get started.

Get support on these channels.

Incentivized Testnet

Step Three Step Three

Ready to launch

Support the ecosystem

A better network for BUIDLers

Node operators drive innovation on Mintlayer

Running a node on the Mintlayer testnet isn't just about earning rewards—it's about playing a key role in improving the network's reliability and performance.

With a stronger network, BUIDLers have a better foundation to build the future on Mintlayer.

Ready to launch
Prepare for the mainnet

Like the testnet, node operators on the mainnet can earn blocksigner rewards for their contributon to the network.

Learn how to set up and operate a node in a safe environment and prepare yourself for the mainnet.

Join the community

Connect with other node operators to learn, or to share your knowledge and expertise.

Proven node operators will be invited to an exclusive channel where they can connect with a growing community.

Boost Network Performance

Running a node on the testnet helps us stress test and optimize the Mintlayer network for improved performance.

Your contribution helps identify bugs in the system, and makes it more secure and reliable for everyone.


All you need to know about the Mintlayer Staking Program.

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How does the staking program work?

The Mintlayer staking program is designed to reward ML token holders by allowing them to stake their tokens and earn attractive yields. The staking rewards are flexible, with longer staking durations offering higher earning multiples. For example, if a user stakes their ML tokens for six months, they’ll receive a 2.5x multiple on their token earn rate.
In addition to earning yield on staked ML tokens, users will also receive TML tokens, a testnet version of the native ML token. TML tokens can be used to become a testnet node validator, signing blocks and earning additional rewards. To maximize their rewards, users must keep their ML tokens staked for the entire testnet duration. The staking program will run for six months, giving participants ample time to benefit from their staked tokens.

What are the key differences between ML tokens and TML tokens?

The key differences between ML tokens and TML tokens are their purpose, utility, and value. ML tokens are the native tokens of the Mintlayer blockchain, used for various functions within the ecosystem, including staking and operating nodes on the mainnet. They have real-world value and can be traded on exchanges.
On the other hand, TML tokens are testnet versions of the ML tokens, specifically designed for use within the Mintlayer testnet environment. They allow users to become testnet node validators, signing blocks and earning additional rewards. However, TML tokens do not have any inherent value outside of the testnet, and cannot be traded on exchanges.
By staking ML tokens in the Mintlayer staking program, users not only earn attractive yields on their staked tokens but also receive TML tokens, enabling them to participate in the testnet and potentially earn additional rewards.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of ML tokens that can be staked ?

The minimum amount of ML tokens required to stake is 1. The maximum amount, on the other hand, may be limited by an individual’s token holdings and the circulating supply of ML.

Can I stake my ML tokens directly from an exchange, or do I need to use a specific wallet?

To stake your ML tokens in the Mintlayer staking program, you will need to connect a non-custodial wallet to the staking app. As the ML tokens are ERC-20 based, you can use a compatible wallet like MetaMask to participate in the staking program. Mintlayer plans to add support for more wallets in the future.
Unfortunately, staking directly from an exchange wallet is not currently supported. To stake your ML tokens, you will need to transfer them from your exchange wallet to a compatible non-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask, and then connect this wallet to the Mintlayer staking app.

How are the staking rewards calculated and distributed?

Staking rewards in the Mintlayer staking program are calculated based on the percentage of the pool of ML tokens staked and the duration of the staking period (epoch). Users that choose to lock their tokens for a set duration earn at a higher multiple than unlocked tokens. For example, staking ML tokens for six months will result in a 2.5x multiple on the token earn rate.
Staking rewards are calculated per block. Users can expect to see their staking rewards accrue over time on the staking dashboard with their wallet connected. Rewards can be claimed at any time (users with locked tokens can only claim after the conclusion of their locking period).
Once the staking period ends or the user decides to unstake their tokens, the rewards can be claimed and withdrawn to the user’s wallet.

Are there any fees associated with staking ML tokens or operating a testnet node?

There may be fees associated with staking ML tokens and operating a testnet node. Common fees include transaction fees for depositing and withdrawing tokens, as well as gas fees for interacting with smart contracts on the Ethereum network, since ML tokens are currently ERC-20 based.
When it comes to operating a testnet node, there may be costs associated with setting up and maintaining the required hardware and internet connection. However, these costs are typically lower on testnets compared to mainnets, as testnet nodes generally have lower resource requirements.

What are the risks involved in staking ML tokens and participating in the testnet as a node validator?

Staking ML tokens and participating in the testnet as a node validator involve certain risks that users should be aware of:
• Token value fluctuations: The value of ML tokens may fluctuate due to market conditions, which can impact the value of your staked tokens and rewards.
• Liquidity risk: While your ML tokens are staked, they are not accessible for trading or use in other activities, which may limit your ability to react to market opportunities.
• Smart contract risk: Although smart contracts are thoroughly tested, there is always a potential for vulnerabilities or unforeseen issues. In the unlikely event of a smart contract failure, your staked tokens could be at risk.

Can I unstake my ML tokens before the end of the chosen epoch? If so, are there any penalties?

Yes, you can unstake your ML tokens before the end of the chosen epoch, providing you haven’t applied a locking period.
Additionally, if you are operating a testnet node and choose to unstake your ML tokens, you will not be eligible for the conversion of your blocksigner rewards from TML to ML at the conclusion of the testnet. In order to receive this conversion, you must keep your ML tokens staked for the entire testnet duration. By doing so, you can maximize your rewards and ensure that your testnet blocksigner earnings are converted to ML tokens at the completion of the testnet.

How do I become a testnet node validator using my earned TML tokens?

To become a testnet node validator using your earned TML tokens, follow these steps:
1. Stake your ML tokens in the Mintlayer staking program to earn TML tokens as a secondary reward. The number of TML tokens you earn will depend on the amount of ML tokens you stake and the duration of your staking period.
2. Once you have accumulated at least 40,000 TML tokens, you’ll be eligible to run a testnet node. Keep in mind that the more ML tokens you stake, the faster you’ll earn the required TML tokens.
3. Visit the Mintlayer website or staking platform to find detailed instructions on setting up and operating a testnet node.
4. After setting up your testnet node, stake the required 40,000 TML tokens to begin operating as a node validator. Your node will participate in signing blocks on the testnet, and you’ll earn additional rewards for doing so.

Remember, to receive the conversion of your blocksigner rewards from TML to ML at the end of the testnet, you must keep your ML tokens staked for the entire testnet duration.

Are the blocksigner rewards paid in ML or TML tokens?

Blocksigner rewards for participating in the Mintlayer testnet as a node validator are paid in TML tokens. When you stake your ML tokens, you earn APY in ML tokens, as well as TML tokens as a secondary reward. These TML tokens can be used to run a testnet node, and by doing so, you can earn blocksigner rewards in TML tokens.
It’s important to note that to receive the conversion of your blocksigner rewards from TML to ML at the end of the testnet, you must keep your ML tokens staked for the entire testnet duration. By meeting this requirement, your testnet blocksigner earnings in TML tokens will be converted to ML tokens when the mainnet launches.

How can I exchange my TML tokens for ML tokens, or can I use them for any other purpose after the testnet is over?

TML tokens, by themselves, are not directly convertible to ML tokens. The only instance where TML tokens are converted to ML tokens is when a user meets the following conditions:
1. The user has staked ML tokens for the entire duration of the testnet.
2. The user has used their TML tokens to operate a testnet node.
3. The user has earned blocksigner rewards in TML tokens while operating the node.
It’s important to note that only the blocksigner reward component of the TML tokens will be converted to ML tokens. For example, if you staked 40,000 TML to run a node and earned an additional 10,000 TML in blocksigner rewards over the testnet duration, only the 10,000 TML in rewards would be converted to ML tokens, provided all other requirements are met.
After the testnet is over, TML tokens that are not eligible for conversion to ML tokens will have no value, as they can only be used on the testnet. The main purpose of TML tokens is to facilitate the operation of testnet nodes and help users gain experience and understanding of the Mintlayer network before the mainnet launch.

What happens to my staked ML tokens once the mainnet is launched?

Once the mainnet is launched, your staked ML tokens will remain in the staking platform until you decide to claim them. To claim your staked ML tokens and any rewards earned, follow these steps:
1. Visit the Mintlayer staking platform.
2. Connect your non-custodial wallet, such as MetaMask, to the staking platform. Make sure you’re using the same wallet you used for staking your ML tokens.
3. Locate the option to claim or unstake your ML tokens and follow the on-screen instructions.
4. Your staked ML tokens, along with any earned rewards, will be transferred back to your connected wallet.
After claiming your staked ML tokens, you can use them as you please. You may choose to hold onto them, trade them, or stake them again. The choice is yours.

How does the Mintlayer staking program contribute to the long-term success of the project and token value?

The Mintlayer staking program plays a vital role in contributing to the long-term success of the project by focusing on several key aspects:
• Preparation for mainnet: The staking program and testnet enable users to familiarize themselves with the Mintlayer network, learning how to run nodes and provide core infrastructure support. This ensures that a strong, knowledgeable community is ready to support the mainnet launch.
• Stress-testing and improvements: The testnet allows the Mintlayer team to thoroughly evaluate the protocol, identify potential issues, and implement necessary improvements before transitioning to the mainnet. This process ensures that the network is robust, secure, and scalable, ultimately benefiting the entire ecosystem.
• Community engagement: The staking program fosters community involvement by encouraging users to actively participate in the testnet and contribute to the development of the Mintlayer ecosystem. By cultivating a loyal and engaged user base, the project can drive its growth and long-term success.
• Network adoption: By offering an opportunity for users to be a part of the testnet and learn about the platform, the staking program helps expand the user base and increase the overall network effect. This adoption is vital for the project’s future, as it ensures a strong foundation for Mintlayer’s ongoing development and growth.
By emphasizing these aspects, the Mintlayer staking program aims to create a solid groundwork for the project’s long-term success, focusing on education, community building, and sustainable platform development.

Who is eligible to stake?

In order to stake assets, you must have your identity verified and reside in a location where staking is allowed. Staking services are not currently available in jurisdictions where Mintlayer does not generally make its services available. For more information - please refer to our terms and conditions.

Stake your claim.

Put your ML to work and start earning.

*Eligible countries only. Learn more