The Mintlayer Staking Program begins soon. Complete your KYC now to be ready for staking!


Support the Mintlayer Network
Boost the Security

Contribute to the growth of the Mintlayer Ecosystem by staking ML tokens.

Eligible countries only. learn more

Utilize Your ML Tokens

Mintlayer’s staking program allows you to support the network by staking your ML tokens. This is not an investment program.

Staking is a key component of the Proof-of-Stake mechanism that powers Mintlayer.

Through staking, blocksigners contribute to the security and reliability of the Mintlayer network.

Blocksigners stake tokens to validate and produce blocks, thereby supporting the network's operation.

How it works

Step One

Stake & Support

Staked ML tokens are used for network security and testnet participation.

Earn utility tokens to participate in our testnet.
Contribute to the network and earn utility tokens.

Stake & Support

Staking your ML supports the network.

ML tokens and TML tokens have utility within the Mintlayer ecosystem.
TML tokens can be used to run a node on the testnet* and support the network.

* Note: While participation in the testnet is optional, it's a vital step that enables us to deliver a successful mainnet

Flexible staking options available.

Choose the staking strategy that aligns with your contribution goals.

Step Two

Testnet Participation

Enhance Network Performance

Use your TML tokens to run a testnet node and support the network.

Support the network by running a node.

Utilize your TML tokens to operate a node on the testnet. Node operators contribute to network security.

Earn utility tokens based on your node contribution.

Support the Network and Contribute

Mintlayer relies on a network of validators to secure the blockchain and verify transactions. By staking your TML and running a node, you contribute to the network's stability and growth.

Technical Expertise Required

Running a node on the testnet requires technical expertise. Our support team is available to assist you.

Get support on these channels.

Testnet Participation

Step Three Step Three

Ready to launch

Support the ecosystem

A better network for BUIDLers

Node operators contribute to innovation on Mintlayer

Running a node on the Mintlayer testnet is about improving the network's reliability and performance.

A stronger network benefits everyone.

Ready to launch
Prepare for the mainnet

Node operators can contribute to the network on the mainnet as well.

Learn how to set up and operate a node in a safe environment.

Join the community

Connect with other node operators to learn and share knowledge.

Proven node operators will be invited to an exclusive channel.

Boost Network Performance

Your contribution helps optimize the Mintlayer network.

Your contribution helps identify bugs and makes the network more secure and reliable.

Contribute to the Network

Utilize your ML tokens to contribute.

Eligible countries only. Learn more

Participation in the Mintlayer Staking Program is not to be considered as an investment opportunity. The program is designed to enhance the security and functionality of the Mintlayer network. There is no guarantee of profits, and participants should be aware of the risks involved, including but not limited to market volatility and technical challenges. Please consult with legal and financial advisors before participating.