Progress Report: August 2022

Monday, Aug 15, 2022

It’s been another busy month here at Mintlayer! Here’s the full roundup of what we’ve been working on.

Mojito on Mobile

The Mojito wallet is now live on iOS and Android! We’ve had great feedback from the community and are working on suggestions to build you an even better wallet experience.

Here’s the latest developments for Mojito:


  • We are testing Lightning Network integration for the Mojito mobile app. Transactions on the Lightning Network are much faster (and with lower fees) than the traditional Bitcoin network.

  • We’re investigating hardware wallet integrations (such as Ledger and Trezor) to provide users more control and security over their assets.

  • We’ve made a few general performance improvements to the existing wallet.


We’re working on a browser extension to allow you to use Mojito on the web. Soon you’ll be able to use Mojito directly in Chrome, Brave, Edge and Firefox.

We’re in late stages of development and expect to make a public release towards the end of August. We’ve successfully sent our first transaction via the testnet, and we’re currently working to add the same address formats that are present on the mobile app.

Core Development Update

Genesis Block Update

We’ve changed our genesis block for security reasons. It’s no longer a “traditional” block (it’s been modified to be its own type) and is therefore handled differently to standard blocks.

The last few weeks have been largely dedicated to code refactoring, clean ups and general optimization of the existing code.

Token Standards Update

We have been working on two of the three types of token standards at Mintlayer; MLS-01 and MLS-03. For more details, check out the tokenization standards in our documentation.

MLS-01 (Mintlayer Standard version 0.1) is the “basic” or “standard” specification for Mintlayer tokens. These can be sent, received and stored in any Mintlayer multitoken wallet. MLS-01 tokens fill the same niche as ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum.

MLS-03 tokens are non-fungible tokens.

We’re currently testing code for MLS-01 tokens. MLS-03 tokens have just entered development. MLS-02 tokens are later in the roadmap because of their complexity.

Consensus Mechanism Update

Since the last update, we have continued to work on the first version of the DSA consensus protocol. This has consisted of reading more papers, conversations with experts outside of the company, and continued prototyping and development work. Although this work has been specific to the initial version of consensus, a lot of the work happening right now will be directly applicable to the final version of DSA, which will be released further down the line after a significant amount of research and the formalization of the protocol and its security proofs.

Most recently, we have been looking at the use of randomness in the protocol and the handling of rewards.

P2P Updates

We have been working on the way our peer-to-peer mechanism works. We included an update that bans scores for unwanted behavior from peers to secure the protocol further, as well as adding peer discovery changes and adding mDNS. mDNS is a protocol that resolves host names to IP addresses within small networks that do not include a local name server.


That’s a wrap! Development is on track and we’re still looking ready to release mainnet in Q1, 2023.

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