April 2024 Mintlayer Development Update

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Hello Mintlayers,

As spring infuses new life into the world around us, our team at Mintlayer is equally invigorated, pushing forward with significant developments and enhancements. This April, we’ve made noteworthy progress with our Hash Time Locked Contracts which are the backbone of our Atomic swaps, and have continued to refine our tools and platforms to provide you with a superior blockchain experience. Here’s what’s been happening:

Atomic Swaps:

Our development team has been focused on the implementation of Atomic swaps using HTLC (Hash Time Locked Contracts) technology. We’re excited to report that we are on track with the development, and you can expect the first version of Atomic Swaps, supporting both same-chain (Mintlayer MLS) and Bitcoin swaps, by late Q3. This advancement is set to revolutionize how transactions and trades are conducted, enhancing security and efficiency.

Mainnet Core Node:

Additionally we are always refining and making improvements to our network’s core. Check out what we have updated:

  • Console Support in GUI: We’ve integrated console support within the GUI to enhance user interaction and control.
  • Merkle Tree Implementation: Our Merkle tree implementation is now available on, facilitating easier integration with other Rust projects and partners.
  • RPC Format Standardization: We’ve standardized the RPC format for enums, ensuring consistency across all enumerations.

Block Explorer:

While the Block Explorer has not seen major changes this month, we’ve implemented additional tooltips. These enhancements are designed to help users more effectively navigate and utilize the Block Explorer, improving the overall user experience.

Mojito Wallet:

The team shifted its focus from block explorer this month to updating the Mojito mobile wallet app for seamless Mintlayer Mainnet integration, particularly to support native ML tokens. We are finalizing the last checks and will soon announce when the Mainnet integration is complete and the latest release is available for download.

  • Performance Improvements: We’ve made significant performance improvements to the browser extension wallet, enhancing speed and reliability.

In Conclusion:

April has been a month of solid progress and technical advancements at Mintlayer. From the exciting developments in Atomic swaps to the ongoing enhancements across our wallets and BlockExplorer, we are committed to providing a robust, secure, and user-friendly blockchain environment. We look forward to the upcoming releases and the continued evolution of our platform.

Stay tuned for more updates by following us on Twitter, joining our Telegram community, and engaging with us on Discord. Your feedback and support are invaluable as we continue to innovate and improve.

Warm regards,

The Mintlayer Development Team