February 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023

Our latest Community Call took place on the 28th of February. Michael Bille (CBDO) joined Ben Marsh (CTO) remotely to discuss the latest developments here at Mintlayer.

If you missed the video, you can check it out below.

The Mintlayer team has been focusing extra hard on core development and preparation for our upcoming TGE this month.

Mintlayer Core Development

We have continued working on the Mintlayer wallet. Some more p2p work has been completed, including work on the sync manager.

The team explored merkle tree changes to add some taproot style features.

Lots of accounting and VRF (verifiable random function) stuff has been merged. This work is important for our proof of stake consensus.

We also completed work on block production, and a small tidy up throughout the code base.

Wallet & Token Generation Event

We completed the audit on the token in preparation for TGE. The token launch event is scheduled for March 21, 2023.

We addressed lots of small things on the mobile wallet side. This includes more entropy work this month and some additional clean up work.

The team has been hard at work dealing with dependency issues and hardware wallet integration.

We have been working on lots of the same things with the web wallet: entropy work, clean up, dependency issues and hardware wallet integration.


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