July 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Wednesday, Jul 26, 2023

Hello again, Mintlayers!

July has been a month of intense testing and fine-tuning for our development team. We’ve focused on the testnet, implementing small fixes throughout the codebase, and advancing development of the wallets. Here’s an in-depth roundup of our efforts.

Core Development Update

Testnet - Our team has been conducting extensive testing on the testnet. This process has enabled us to identify and rectify minor issues across the codebase. We’re ready for release of the public testnet this coming Monday, July 31st.

Consensus Difficulty Adjustment - We’ve fine-tuned the consensus difficulty adjustment, a critical element that ensures our blockchain’s block production remains constant.

Wallet Development - Progress on the wallets has been noteworthy. We are close to completing the delegation feature on the command-line wallet. Simultaneously, we’ve been enhancing the GUI wallet’s functionality and user experience.

Mempool and Block Production - We’ve dedicated significant time to the mempool and block production aspects of our system. The mempool, a vital component, serves as a ‘waiting room’ for transactions before block addition. We’ve also been conducting rigorous block production testing to ensure process efficiency and reliability.

Web and Other Updates

Mintlayer Support in Mojito - We’re progressing steadily towards integrating Mintlayer into Mojito wallets - a crucial step towards our mainnet launch. We are thrilled about the enhanced functionality this will offer our users.

Testnet Faucet - To facilitate testnet usage, we’ve established a faucet. It allows users to obtain tokens for the testnet use, providing a practical method for testing transactions and other operations. Users will also be able to obtain testnet tokens via our upcoming staking program (we’ll provide more details on this as they become available).


July has been a productive month with substantial progress made in several key areas. We’re looking forward to the upcoming developments, the release of the public testnet, and we can’t wait to share more updates with you soon.

As always, follow us on Twitter, join us in our Telegram Community and our Discord for the latest Mintlayer news and updates. You can also monitor our progress on the official Mintlayer repository.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the months ahead!