We Are Updating Lightning Network Integration

Thursday, Mar 30, 2023

Dear Mojito users,

As of the 30th of April we will only support self-hosted Lightning Network nodes in the Mojito mobile wallet.

In order to continue using the Lightning Network functionality on Mojito you will need to run your own lndhub node, meaning you have full control over your Satoshis on the Lightning Network.

As a result users of the Lightning Network on Mojito should endeavor to move their funds as soon as possible to avoid complications; either to another solution, or preferably, to an entirely self-hosted solution. 

From this point on we will only allow the creation of new Lightning Network wallets with your own lndhub node running.

All other features will remain entirely untouched. 

Continued Lightning Network Integration

Like Mintlayer, the Lightning Network is an important protocol in the equation for making Bitcoin more usable for everyday payments. 

Self custody is more in line with the tenets of Mintlayer and the Bitcoin community we support. 

You can learn more about installing an lndhub node through a compatible project’s github (go implementation, nodejs implementation) on Umbrel and other self hosted solutions, on hardware you own.