March 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Wednesday, Mar 29, 2023

Welcome back Mintlayers!

March has been a busy month for the development team as we rolled out the Mintlayer ERC-20 token for our TGE and the token dashboard for users to claim their tokens. 

Michael Bille (CBDO) joined Ben Marsh (CTO) remotely to discuss the latest developments here at Mintlayer. For a replay of their discussion, click the video below:

Wallet & TGE Event

We finalized the deployer contract for our ERC-20 token and made some last minute updates before the TGE.

The team provided support for the TGE, initiated the contract, and addressed a few minor issues after the rollout.

This month we merged work on key handling and storage with the wallet.

We continued work on entropy for the mobile and web wallets. 


We launched the token dashboard Dapp that allowed launch site users that selected ERC-20 as a preference to claim their tokens. 

Mintlayer Core Development

We have continued work on several aspects of the cryptography subsystem.

This month we added WASM to the core. This means that we will use exactly the same code in the core and wallet code for tokens. 

We have worked more on proving our larger plans for multisig integration. This is ongoing research where we will continue doing tests to prove security. We added classical multisig to get by in the interim.

We have refactored the way we handle merkle trees in rust. This rust library will be available for projects outside of Mintlayer as well.

We upgraded the version of rust we are using, and completed some code cleanup. As an open source project it is important to keep the code as tidy as possible to be more accessible to the public.


We are getting close to finalizing several features of the core, but will have lots of specific tests and functional testing to do after. The security and stability of any product we release to the public is the highest priority for the development team. 

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