Ticker Change: MLT becomes ML

Thursday, Mar 9, 2023

Big news!

The MLT token is now officially known as ML.

Same Mintlayer token, fresh slimmer look. 

The Mintlayer token (previously known as MLT) is undergoing a facelift and has evolved into simply: ML.

Why the change?

With such a revolutionary project, we thought it only fitting to have a ticker that matched. With thousands of projects using the 3-letter standard, it seemed obvious to do something a little different.

And thus, MLT becomes ML.

This change reflects our commitment to providing a simple and intuitive platform for users - and proactively avoiding any possible confusion with other projects.

With the future in mind, ML will become the core of the Mintlayer product suite. The change helps consolidate and simplify branding across the upcoming elements of the Mintlayer ecosystem.

We’ll reveal more over the coming months - but expect to see ML take a core role in the supporting products we’re building to help you create the future of Bitcoin.

The ML token will be generated on the 21st of March, and will be available to trade on from the 23rd of March.