October 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Thursday, Oct 26, 2023

Hello Mintlayers,

As trees shed their leaves, Mintlayer continues to grow. October has ushered in exciting progress and milestones. We’re eager to update you on our latest releases and upcoming ventures.

Web Enhancements:

Browser Extension: We’re on the cusp of releasing the newest Mojito wallet browser extension. Final touches are being added to stabilize the backend. The forthcoming release of the browser extension wallet is designed to support ML keys via WebAssembly, leveraging the Rust code itself, to elevate the user experience.

Testing and Refinements: Quality assurance remains a top priority. We’ve delved into extensive testing and addressed bugs to guarantee peak performance and a fluid user experience.

Core Progress:

Mintlayer v0.1.3: This version is now live, providing heightened transaction efficiency and key fixes in both our wallet and node’s P2P network. We’ve launched the wallet-address-generator to simplify seed and address formation. As a highlight, we’re priming for a seamless token shift from the ERC20/Ethereum network to our Mintlayer mainnet. For a detailed rundown, visit our announcements channel.

Mintlayer Node v0.2.0: Set for a soon-to-be-revealed release, this iteration introduces novel consensus rules for superior network decentralization and a redefined token standard for augmented token governance. Node operators, please anticipate a hard fork post-launch. This strategic release is crafted to fortify our network’s resilience and to pilot test Mintlayer’s upgradability traits. Dive deeper into the specifics in our post on Telegram.

P2P Enhancements: Remains a core focus for us, and this month saw significant cleanup and optimization in this domain.

Wallet Adjustments: we’ve identified and rectified some issues, ensuring that our wallet remains secure and user-friendly.

Staking Security: In our push for enhanced safety, we’ve incorporated end-to-end encryption for staking keys during block production.

API Development: Our web team has dedicated considerable effort to API refinement, ensuring backend processes are seamless, thereby narrowing the distance between core operations and user interaction.

In Conclusion:

October has been a monumental month for us—from a fresh testnet launch to significant web boosts and pivotal core advancements. We’re marching forward, ensuring unparalleled user experiences and network security. As we await new rollouts and maintain our drive for a fortified blockchain, our gratitude for the unwavering trust and backing from our community stands firm. Stay with us for the exhilarating path that lies ahead.


The Mintlayer Development Team.