September 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Friday, Sep 29, 2023

Greetings, Mintlayers!

As we bid farewell to September we’re excited to bring you another update on our development journey. The past month has been teeming with innovation, improvements, and meticulous refinements, aimed at enhancing user experience and system efficiency. Let’s unpack the strides we’ve made.

Block Explorer and Browser Extension Enhancements

One of our most notable achievements this month revolves around significant improvements to the block explorer. Once finished the Mintlayer block explorer will ensure seamless navigation and access to essential blockchain data.

In parallel, we’ve enriched browser extension support for native ML tokens, amplifying the user experience and interaction with our blockchain. The backend server is undergoing refinements, with special focus laid on the storage layer and API - both showing promising progress.

Wallet Evolution

Of course our wallet hasn’t been left behind in this wave of innovation. Numerous updates, including bug fixes particularly in delegation support, have been implemented. The introduction of a plethora of new tests underscores our unwavering commitment to security and functionality. We have added new features such as options for fee rate control from the mempool. 

P2P Network and Mempool Optimization

The peer-to-peer (P2P) code has undergone a systematic cleanup and simplification. We are laying foundational frameworks to support future versions, ensuring that as technology evolves, Mintlayer remains at the forefront.

Work on the mempool and subsystems hasn’t paused. We’re constantly refining these elements to bolster system reliability.

Consensus Enhancements

In the realm of consensus, incentivised pledging has been a focal point. Additionally adjustments and refinements have been made to make this feature more robust and effective, underscoring our commitment to a democratic and efficient blockchain.

To find out the full details about our consensus mechanism and its evolution history check out this article

Testnet v0.1.3 Release - Coming Soon

As we gear up for the Testnet v0.1.3 release, meticulous attention is being paid to every aspect of the code base. Small bug fixes and generic cleanups are the order of the day, as we aim to present a polished, efficient, and reliable blockchain.


September has been a month of intense, focused development. Each stride, no matter how small, is a step closer to realizing our vision of a blockchain that is not just robust, secure, and efficient but also user-centric.

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As always, Mintlayer is open source and you can confirm our progress on the Mintlayer’s repository.

Stay tuned, the best is yet to come!