February 2024 Mintlayer Development Update

Wednesday, Mar 6, 2024

Hello Mintlayers,

As we navigate through the beginning of 2024 with Bitcoin prices surging, our journey towards innovation and stability continues. This month has been filled with substantial progress across our mainnet core node, the Mojito Wallet Browser Extension, and the Mintlayer Blockexplorer. Let’s peer into what has been accomplished.

Mintlayer Core Node Progress:

With the launch of the Mainnet, our focus has been on performing critical maintenance to ensure its reliability and security of the network. Additionally we’ve enriched our platform with extensive documentation and implemented numerous small enhancements that collectively make a significant difference. Our commitment to transparency and collaboration is as strong as ever, with our Github repository open for anyone curious about our ongoing efforts.

Mojito Wallet Browser Extension Enhancements:

With the launch of the mainnet dedication the Mojito wallet Browser Extension has seen several noteworthy improvements that have help to improve functionality and user experience:

  • Entropy Generation: Enhanced security through better entropy generation for wallet creation.
  • Error Handling: We’ve upgraded our error handling mechanisms to provide clearer, more informative feedback.
  • Testnet Mode Activation: Users can now toggle testnet mode, facilitating a seamless transition between environments.
  • Mainnet ML Token Integration: The wallet now natively supports Mainnet ML tokens, streamlining the user experience.
  • Locked Balance Display: For our community members participating in staking, your locked ML tokens are now visibly distinct from your main balance.
  • Transaction Support: We’ve overhauled the transaction display for an intuitive differentiation of transaction types.
  • Improved Bitcoin Address Generation: You can now trust that your wallet generates the correct Bitcoin address every time.

Mintlayer Blockexplorer Updates:

The Mintlayer Blockexplorer has received a series of upgrades aimed at enhancing usability and performance:

  • Pools Table View: A new feature allowing users to view performance information of pools, including the ability to filter out non-rewarding pools.
  • Locked Amounts and Vesting Schedule: Addresses now display locked amounts and their vesting schedules for better financial planning.
  • Homepage Optimization: We’ve optimized homepage loading times, allowing immediate access to the search bar for a smoother experience.
  • Mobile Layout: Significant improvements to the mobile layout have been made, ensuring a consistent experience across devices.
  • Error Handling: Enhanced error handling now includes cross-network lookup capabilities, mitigating confusion when navigating between testnet and mainnet explorers.

In Conclusion:

February has been a month of focused enhancement and preparation. Each update, from the mainnet core node to the Mojito Wallet Browser Extension and the Mintlayer Blockexplorer, has been aimed at improving the overall ecosystem’s reliability, usability, and performance. As we continue to refine our mainnet, we stay committed to building a secure, user-friendly, and robust platform remains our top priority.

Stay engaged and informed by following us on Twitter, joining our Telegram community, and participating in our Discord channel discussions. Your support and feedback fuel our journey toward redefining DeFi on Bitcoin.

Warm regards,

The Mintlayer Development Team