Claim Your Share of Our $4M Grants Initiative

Tuesday, Apr 4, 2023

Now that our TGE (token generation event) has concluded, we are opening applications for our grants initiative. This is the first major ecosystem initiative in Mintlayer’s long-term development.

Currently, there is $4 million available for the grants initiative. Each grant will be generated from a pool of $ML tokens that are earmarked for protocol development. We set aside these monies for projects that would be valuable for the Mintlayer protocol, but wouldn’t create their own revenue stream.

Institutional Crypto investments have dropped 95% in 2022. These vital funds will help develop the Mintlayer infrastructure, even in a down-turned market.

“One of our directives is to attract the best teams, projects, and ideas to the Bitcoin ecosystem via Mintlayer. These grants assure that when developers come with a bright idea, there are resources to build it.” - Enrico Rubboli, co-founder of Mintlayer.

What Projects Can Apply?

The grants initiative is only available for open source projects that would be valuable to Mintlayer, but wouldn’t create their own revenue. Some examples of projects that fit these criteria are:

  • Wallets

  • Lightning Network tools

  • Block explorers

  • Analytics tools

  • Developer tools

  • Educational resources

If your project doesn’t meet these criteria, you can still apply for our incubator and accelerator programs. To find out which program would be right for your project, visit the Mintlayer Ecosystem page.

How to Apply?

Potential candidates can apply for a grant through the Mintlayer Ecosystem signup form. Select “Grants” from the form.

Candidates will need a detailed explanation of their project, personal details, and any documentation available that helps prove their ability to bring a project to fruition, or documentation on the progress of the project they are submitting. We will award recipients based on how their project best fits with Mintlayer’s own roadmap.

Contribute Any Way You Like

If the grants initiative isn’t for you, there are many other ways to take part and contribute to Mintlayer.

Our incubator program brings ideas to fruition; apply if you have an idea and could use help with the technical know-how. Our accelerator program is especially useful for projects that are in a more advanced stage of development, or a project that is on another protocol.

Developers are always welcome to contribute through Mintlayer’s repository.