March 2024 Mintlayer Development Update

Wednesday, Apr 3, 2024

Hello Mintlayers,

March has been a whirlwind of activity and advancement for the Mintlayer project. Our team has been diligently working on enhancing the Mainnet Core Node, upgrading the Mojito Wallet Browser Extension, and Mintlayer Block Explorer to help simplify the staking user experience. Now you can easily stake Mintlayer Mainnet ML coins from the Mintlayer Block Explorer as long as you have the Mojito Browser extension installed as well. With current APY sitting at over 150% for those that Stake ML the time is now to start staking. Additionally here’s a glimpse into the progress we’ve made and the features we’ve introduced to elevate your experience on our platform.

Mainnet Core Node Enhancements

This month, we’ve made significant strides in the Mainnet Core Node’s functionality:

  • Multisig Wallet Implementation: We’ve added multisig capabilities to the wallet, offering enhanced security for your transactions.
  • Watch Addresses: The wallet now supports watch addresses, allowing users to monitor transactions without exposing private keys.
  • API Server v2 Launch: We’ve rolled out version 2 of the API server, promising more efficient and robust interactions.
  • Automatic RPC Documentation: To ease development, we’ve created software that automatically generates documentation for RPC interfaces.
  • RPC Interface Stabilization: Both the node and wallet’s RPC interfaces have been stabilized, ensuring more reliable communications.
  • GUI Support for Staking Pool Decommissioning: Users can now decommission staking pools directly from the GUI.
  • Release Version 0.4: This new release includes various enhancements, including a fix for peers getting disconnected due to time discrepancies and more comprehensive README documentation across our repositories.

Mojito Wallet Browser Extension Updates

Staking and usability enhancements highlight this month’s updates to the Mojito Wallet Browser Extension:

  • Staking Deep Link: A new deep link feature allows you to start the staking process directly from the block explorer, streamlining the experience.
  • Enhanced Viewing Mode: The wallet can now be opened in a new window, making interactions more convenient and accessible.

Mintlayer Block Explorer Improvements

The Mintlayer Block Explorer has received a series of upgrades to enhance functionality and user interface:

  • Token Support: The address page now displays tokens, and transactions involving tokens are prominently shown.
  • Staking from Pools List: Users can initiate staking directly from the pools list, improving the staking process.
  • Improved Pools List View: The view has been enhanced for better navigation and information display.
  • Fixed Fee Amounts for Block: Fee amounts displayed for blocks have been corrected for accuracy.
  • Switched to API Server v2: The Blockexplorer now uses the more efficient and reliable version 2 of the API server.

In Conclusion

March has been a month of substantial progress and pivotal updates across Mintlayer’s ecosystem. Each enhancement, from the Mainnet Core Node to the Mojito Wallet Browser Extension and the Mintlayer Block Explorer, is aimed at providing a more secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform. As we move forward, we remain committed to innovation and excellence in the blockchain space.

Stay connected for more updates by following us on Twitter and participating in our Telegram channel discussions. Your support and feedback are invaluable as we continue to build and improve Mintlayer.

Warm regards,

The Mintlayer Development Team