October 2022 Mintlayer Development Update

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022

Since our last development update, the Mintlayer team has continued progress toward a Q4 testnet launch. We are also in the final stages of polishing the Mojito browser extension for public release.


We have fixed a few small bugs in the Mojito mobile wallet since our last update.

We have performed a lot of work creating a robust end to end testing framework. Automated testing has continued this month.

The team has made significant progress on entropy generation this month. This feature will give security conscious users a little extra peace of mind.

The Mintlayer’s repository for the Mintlayer Mobile Wallet is now publicly available.


The team is in the final stages of testing for the imminent release of the Mojito browser extension. We have completed extensive user testing this month.

We have recently brought in members of the Mintlayer community to do a round of semi-public alpha testing.

Core Development Update

Token Standards Update

The merge for MLS-03 is now complete. There will be much more to come, but the basic structure has been realized.

Wallet Preparation

We have made changes to the crypto subsystem that will make future hardware wallet integration easier. This includes work involving the BIP32/39 standards for Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets and SEED phrase generation.

The team has begun preliminary work on the command-line wallet. This is an important feature for future application developers and more advanced users.

Storage Backend

We have completed more work on the DB backend. The team has forked the LMDB (Lightning Memory-Mapped Database) wrapper from Mozilla to fix bugs, and optimize for our needs.

Mempool Update

We have continued work on the mempool subsystem this month. Considerable progress has been made in this department.

Additional Updates

We have made some additional changes to p2p block processing, which has yet to be merged.


We are continuing to make steady progress on the Mintlayer core while also refining our user-facing applications.

The release of the Mojito browser extension is imminent. We are still on track to meet all of the upcoming roadmap milestones, including the Token Generation Event (TGE) in Q1, 2023.

To install Mojito wallet on Android and iOS please click here.

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