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[EN] Mintlayer
Why Mintlayer doesn't have a Foundation

While foundations are typically beneficial for blockchain projects, Mintlayer doesn’t have a foundation because we want to encourage complete decentralization within the project, something which can become diluted.

[EN] Development
Mintlayer Node - May 2022 Progress Report

Since beginning work on our new codebase in November of last year, Mintlayer has made significant progress towards our next testnet. A substantial amount of time has been devoted to the architecture and design of our node.

[EN] Partnership
Mintlayer and Portal DeFi Cooperate To BUILD A Better Future

Mintlayer team and RBB Lab are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Portal DeFi, which is backed by Coinbase. Portal DeFi and Mintlayer have a shared vision.

[EN] Development
Mintlayer Moves Off Substrate

In view of irreconcilable incompatibility between Substrate and Mintlayer’s long-term goals, Mintlayer has decided to port its existing feature base off Substrate and on to its own node written from scratch. In this article, we explain the rationale behind this decision in fair detail.

[EN] Tokenization
Disrupting Asset Tokenization: an Introduction to Mintlayer's ACL

While the centralized system of handling stock issuance has served well so far, now there is a technology to decentralize the process altogether: it is possible to stock issued directly as a token. The aim is to do this with the Access-Control List.

[EN] Seed round
Bitcoin-Based protocol Mintlayer raises $5.2 million

Decentralized Finance protocol Mintlayer has secured $5.2 million via seed funding round. On top of this raise, it has formed a strategic partnership with San Marino innovation.

[EN] Development
Why Mintlayer adopts BLS signature

In order to reduce the blocksize and speed up transactions, Mintlayer settled on the use of signature aggregation. The quicker verification and the ability to hide transactions through m-out-of-n multisig aggregation made BLS signatures the more attractive choice

[EN] Defi
GameStop fuss is just another reason why the world needs Mintlayer

When WallStreetBets pushed the GameStop shares to unimaginable highs by betting against the hedge funds that kept shorting, it had shown once again how decentralized finance is an unquestionable necessity for our times.

[EN] Dex
A new DEX concept for the future of finance

The concept of a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) in the crypto market has been around for at least seven years, originating around the time Bitsquare was founded in 2014.

[EN] Partnership
The BlockInvest team explores Mintlayer as a potential blockchain infrastructure partner

The team of BlockInvest, a FinTech project known as a financial instrument marketplace, is partnering with Bitcoin’s second-layer protocol Mintlayer in pursuance of perfecting financial procedures for real estate owners and investors with the help of blockchain technology.

[EN] Mintlayer
Bitcoin sidechain Mintlayer is the new standard for securities and stablecoins

The financial system’s future is not the interoperability between dozens of blockchains, but rather an ecosystem of tokenized assets (such as securities and stablecoins) built around a single blockchain.

[EN] Stablecoins
Can Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) make use of decentralized protocols?

Central Bank Digital Currencies: a compromise between Bitcoin and fiat

[EN] Ethereum
Mission (im)possible? Dethroning Ethereum network

The Ethereum network is still congested as it was a month ago, and a month before that, starting around the same time when DeFi stole the media headlines.

[EN] Mintlayer
Why DeFi’s Future Is With Non-Turing-Complete Smart Contracts

DeFi (short for Decentralised Finance) is not a new term, but it became a trending buzzword in the crypto community seemingly overnight.

[EN] Security token
The Future of Securities on Blockchain

The DeFi hype of 2020 is reminiscent of the ICO bubble of 2017-18. Rewind back a couple of years, when projects were popping up left and right, using blockchain technology to solve all that is wrong in the world.

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