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[EN] Development
September 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Read this post for a full update of September’s development progress.

[EN] Announcement
Incentivized Testnet: Final Distribution Details

Get the full distribution details on Mintlayer's incentivized testnet program.

[EN] Academy
A Comprehensive History of Mintlayer's Consensus Evolution

Delve into the intricate journey of Mintlayer's consensus development from its inception to its current state.

[EN] Development
August 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Read this post for a full update of August’s development progress.

[EN] Academy
Mintlayer's Incentivized Testnet: A Guide to Earning More with TML

Learn about the Mintlayer Incentivized Testnet and how you can be rewarded for participating.

[EN] Development
July 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Read this post for a full update of July’s development progress.

[EN] Announcement
Mintlayer Public Testnet Launch

We are thrilled to announce that July 31, 2023, is the date for the highly awaited public launch of the Mintlayer testnet.

[EN] Academy
Understanding Crypto Staking

Understand crypto staking`s contribution to blockchain operations and the benefits and drawbacks.

[EN] Academy
Understanding Cross Border Transactions With Bitcoin

Learn about the benefits and challenges of using Bitcoin to send money overseas.

[EN] Academy
Bitcoin and CBDCs: The Future of World Trade

Learn about the CBDCs and the possible role Bitcoin could play in monetary policy.

[EN] Development
June 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Read this post for a full update of June’s development progress.

[EN] Bitcoin
What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most prominent digital currency. It may surprise you to learn about all the companies that accept Bitcoin as payment.

[EN] Academy
What Are UTXOs?

UTXOs are the building blocks of Mintlayer and Bitcoin. Learn about the advantages and challenges introduced with this accounting system.

[EN] Academy
Bitcoin Bridging

Learn how other blockchains introduce vulnerabilities to Bitcoin users and how Mintlayer solves DeFi’s biggest attack surface.

[EN] Academy
Bitcoin Nodes Explained

What are Bitcoin nodes, and what is their function?

[EN] Academy
Bitcoin Mining Explained

What is Bitcoin mining? How does it work, and why is it necessary?

[EN] Development
May 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Read this post for a full update of May’s development progress.

[EN] Academy
Mintlayer ML Staking

Learn about our staking program and how you can engage with the Mintlayer network.

[EN] Academy
Bitcoin Halving Explained

What is Bitcoin halving? What effect will it have on Mintlayer?

[EN] Academy
The Problems With BRC-20 Tokens

BRC-20 has caused a stir lately, but is the tech really sound for real life use cases?

[EN] Blockchain
The Blockspace Dilemma: Bitcoin Congestion and the Emergence of Inscriptions and BRC20

Exploring Bitcoin's congestion issues and Mintlayer's potential as a solution.

[EN] Academy
How Mintlayer Adds Value to Bitcoin

Why does the world need another blockchain? Exactly how does Mintlayer add value to Bitcoin?

[EN] Development
April 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Read this post for a full update of April’s development progress.

[EN] Mintlayer
Looking Forward: Mintlayer’s Renewed Focus

As part of our ongoing efforts to revitalize our messaging and energize our community, we are looking forward.

[EN] Development
Claim Your Share of Our $4M Grants Initiative

Mintlayer has approximately $4M available for open-source development grants.

[EN] Development
We Are Updating Lightning Network Integration

We are changing the way we support the Lightning Network in the Mojito Wallet.

[EN] Development
March 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Preparing for the TGE and more work on the core. Read this post for a full update of our development progress.

[EN] Partnership
Mintlayer’s ML token will list with

Mintlayer is proud to announce the ML token listing on

[EN] Academy
Mintlayer Rewards

Mintlayer users can stake their ML tokens to participate in the consensus mechanism, which will earn block rewards.

[EN] Announcement
Ticker Change: MLT becomes ML

The Mintlayer token previously known as MLT is now known as ML

[EN] Academy
Mintlayer Circulating Supply

Mintlayer’s supply has a hard cap, and the circulating supply can be accurately estimated at any given time.

[EN] Announcement
Mintlayer Pre-TGE ML Token Sale

Last opportunity to acquire Mintlayer tokens before TGE.

[EN] Partnership
Mintlayer is Now Partnered With Launchpool Labs

Mintlayer is proud to announce our partnership with Launchpool! Launchpool is a project that connects the varied stakeholders of the crypto community.

[EN] Academy
What Makes Mintlayer Unique? Key Differences

Mintlayer isn’t just another blockchain. It is carefully designed to be a capable DeFi platform and interoperable with Bitcoin.

[EN] Development
February 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

New browser extension, lots of core development, and work on entropy. Read this post for a full update of our development progress.

[EN] Academy
The Future of Bitcoin

The future of Bitcoin is so bright, but exactly what it looks like might surprise you.

[EN] Academy
Security Tokens

Security tokens are tokens that are linked to a real-world asset such as a share of a stock, a bond, the ownership of a business, or a piece of property.

[EN] Academy
Nation State Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin has the best chance of being adopted as or replacing national currencies in developing countries.

[EN] Academy
Future Use Cases for NFTs

Mintlayer’s unique organizational structure, open source status, and technology stack make it ideal for organizational adoption of NFTs.

[EN] Development
January 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

New browser extension, lots of core development, and work on entropy. Read this post for a full update of our development progress.

[EN] Academy
The Future of Defi on Bitcoin

Mintlayer ushers in the future of DeFi on Bitcoin by removing the need for wrapped tokens and bridges, and building native Bitcoin support directly into the platform.

[EN] Academy
What Kind of Projects Can Be Built On Mintlayer?

Mintlayer will bring the full potential of DeFi to the Bitcoin blockchain. Here are some of the projects that could be built on Mintlayer in the near future.

[EN] Partnership
Mintlayer is Now Partnered With Forint Finance

Mintlayer is proud to announce our partnership with Forint Finance! Forint will integrate Swappy, a cross-chain swap and DEX, into the Mintlayer ecosystem.

[EN] Academy
How Does Mintlayer Compare to Ethereum?

Mintlayer and Ethereum have several similarities, and also many differences that set them apart.

[EN] Partnership
Mintlayer partners with Metaverse 4 Finance

Mintlayer is proud to announce our partnership with Metaverse 4 Finance, an incubator event developed by dpixel and Sella.

[EN] Academy
What Are Smart Contracts?

What are smart contracts, and how will they be used on the Mintlayer blockchain?

[EN] Development
2022 Mintlayer Year In Review

Year in Review 2022 update from Mintlayer.

[EN] Academy
What is the Utility of ML Tokens?

Mintlayer’s ML tokens will have many utilities. In this article we will describe the evolution from exchanging for services to facilitating Dapps.

[EN] Academy
What Is the Meaning of TGE in Crypto?

TGE in Crypto means “Token Generation Event”. TGEs are when a project’s utility tokens become available to the public.

[EN] Mintlayer token launch
Mintlayer Token Launch Announcement

Mintlayer’s token generation event (TGE) is scheduled for March 21, 2023. We have decided to issue Mintlayer tokens on Ethereum.

[EN] Community call
Community Call Recap - November 18th

Mintlayer call discusses the current crypto market conditions after the crash caused by FTX and why you need self-custody of your tokens and to use non-custodial wallets instead of centralized exchanges.

[EN] Development
November 2022 Mintlayer Development Update

November 2022 at Mintlayer: Web wallet testing and forward thinking improvements. Read this post for a full update of our development progress.

[EN] Defi
Is Crypto dead?

Is crypto dead? Mintlayer is a solution to many current problems in crypto. See how users are immune from the same types of losses FTX users face.

[EN] Community call
Community Call Recap - October 27th

Our latest Community Call took place on the 27th of October. Michael Bille joined Ben Marsh remotely to discuss the latest developments here at Mintlayer.

[EN] Development
October 2022 Mintlayer Development Update

October 2022 at Mintlayer: Web wallet testing, MLS-03 and forward thinking improvements. Read this post for a full update of our development progress.

[EN] Community call
Community Call Recap - September 30th

Our latest Community Call took place on the 30th of September. Sam Patton joined Ben Marsh and Enrico Ruboli remotely to discuss the latest developments here at Mintlayer.

[EN] Development
Progress Report: September 2022

September 2022 at Mintlayer: Lightning Network, web wallet, and core improvements. Read this post for a full update of our development progress.

[EN] Community call
Community Call Recap - August 17th

Read the latest progress update from the team at Mintlayer. Development progress, Mojito, and more.

[EN] Development
Progress Report: August 2022

This month at Mintlayer: tokenization, Mojito, and more. Read this post for a full development update and learn more about what the team is building.

[EN] Community call
Community Call Recap - July 15th

Read the latest update from the team at Mintlayer. Partnership updates, development progress, roadmap milestones and more.

[EN] Partnership
Partnership Announcement - Seed Venture

Announcing our latest partnership: Mintlayer x Seed Venture! Discover the details surrounding our partnership with Seed Venture who will release their platform on Mintlayer.

[EN] Development
Progress Report: July 2022

We have been making significant progress in our development, and have been able to release the Mojito wallet on both Android and iOS since our last progress report with great success and positive user feedback.

[EN] Wallet
The Safest Way to Send and Receive Bitcoin: Mojito Wallet

Learn about the Mojito wallet, a Bitcoin storage solution that lets you manage your own private keys to send and receive Bitcoin in the safest way possible.

[EN] Mintlayer
Why Mintlayer doesn't have a Foundation

While foundations are typically beneficial for blockchain projects, Mintlayer doesn’t have a foundation because we want to encourage complete decentralization within the project, something which can become diluted.

[EN] Development
Mintlayer Node - May 2022 Progress Report

Since beginning work on our new codebase in November of last year, Mintlayer has made significant progress towards our next testnet. A substantial amount of time has been devoted to the architecture and design of our node.

[EN] Partnership
Mintlayer and Portal DeFi Cooperate To BUILD A Better Future

Mintlayer team and RBB Lab are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Portal DeFi, which is backed by Coinbase. Portal DeFi and Mintlayer have a shared vision.

[EN] Development
Mintlayer Moves Off Substrate

In view of irreconcilable incompatibility between Substrate and Mintlayer’s long-term goals, Mintlayer has decided to port its existing feature base off Substrate and on to its own node written from scratch. In this article, we explain the rationale behind this decision in fair detail.

[EN] Tokenization
Disrupting Asset Tokenization: an Introduction to Mintlayer's ACL

While the centralized system of handling stock issuance has served well so far, now there is a technology to decentralize the process altogether: it is possible to stock issued directly as a token. The aim is to do this with the Access-Control List.

[EN] Seed round
Bitcoin-Based protocol Mintlayer raises $5.2 million

Decentralized Finance protocol Mintlayer has secured $5.2 million via seed funding round. On top of this raise, it has formed a strategic partnership with San Marino innovation.

[EN] Development
Why Mintlayer adopts BLS signature

In order to reduce the blocksize and speed up transactions, Mintlayer settled on the use of signature aggregation. The quicker verification and the ability to hide transactions through m-out-of-n multisig aggregation made BLS signatures the more attractive choice

[EN] Defi
GameStop fuss is just another reason why the world needs Mintlayer

When WallStreetBets pushed the GameStop shares to unimaginable highs by betting against the hedge funds that kept shorting, it had shown once again how decentralized finance is an unquestionable necessity for our times.

[EN] Dex
A new DEX concept for the future of finance

The concept of a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) in the crypto market has been around for at least seven years, originating around the time Bitsquare was founded in 2014.

[EN] Partnership
The BlockInvest team explores Mintlayer as a potential blockchain infrastructure partner

The team of BlockInvest, a FinTech project known as a financial instrument marketplace, is partnering with Bitcoin’s second-layer protocol Mintlayer in pursuance of perfecting financial procedures for real estate owners and investors with the help of blockchain technology.

[EN] Mintlayer
Bitcoin sidechain Mintlayer is the new standard for securities and stablecoins

The financial system’s future is not the interoperability between dozens of blockchains, but rather an ecosystem of tokenized assets (such as securities and stablecoins) built around a single blockchain.

[EN] Stablecoins
Can Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) make use of decentralized protocols?

Central Bank Digital Currencies: a compromise between Bitcoin and fiat

[EN] Ethereum
Mission (im)possible? Dethroning Ethereum network

The Ethereum network is still congested as it was a month ago, and a month before that, starting around the same time when DeFi stole the media headlines.

[EN] Mintlayer
Why DeFi’s Future Is With Non-Turing-Complete Smart Contracts

DeFi (short for Decentralised Finance) is not a new term, but it became a trending buzzword in the crypto community seemingly overnight.

[EN] Security token
The Future of Securities on Blockchain

The DeFi hype of 2020 is reminiscent of the ICO bubble of 2017-18. Rewind back a couple of years, when projects were popping up left and right, using blockchain technology to solve all that is wrong in the world.

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