Progress Report: September 2022

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022

Since our last update the Mintlayer team has hit another major milestone on our projected roadmap. The Bitcoin Lightning Network is now integrated with the Mojito mobile wallet.

Transactions on the Lightning Network are much faster (and with lower fees) than transactions on the traditional Bitcoin network.

Lightning Network Integration

Mobile wallet support for the Bitcoin Lightning Network is now live on iOS and Android versions of the Mojito Wallet.

Our CMO Sam Patton and Enrico Rubboli announced Lightning Network support during a YouTube announcement video on September 8, 2022.

We’ve addressed a few minor bug fixes on the mobile wallet and added some automated functional testing. The team has started work on several features for the next release, including multisig and entropy generation.


The Mintlayer team is in the final stages of preparing for the public release of the Mojito browser extension.

We have conducted further testing of the web wallet, including adding some automated functional testing. This will help speed up development.

The final features for the release are now finished. We expect to release the Mojito browser extension within the next few weeks.

Core Development Update

We have made progress on several core features this month. We are on track to launch the “Lovelace” testnet in Q4 2022.

Staking Rewards

We have completed further work on the accounting system for staking rewards. These improvements will also be useful for smart contract applications.

More work has gone into the consensus in general, including lots of research. Several senior team members are meeting physically this week to devote time to this.

Storage Backend

The team has completed a lot of work on the storage backend, and some generic work on the db layer.

  • A test suite to further verify functionality and communication of server-side components.
  • A strongly typed schema, which is useful for ensuring consistency.


We have made significant progress on the Mintlayer chainstate, including managing how we handle UTXOs.

Mempool Update

The team has completed a large update to the mempool, making it a subsystem. We have also made a few other smaller updates to clean up the code.

Token Standards Update

After several months of work, we are pleased to announce that MLS-01 (Mintlayer Standard version 0.1) merge is complete. MLS-03 implementation is still underway.

Additional Progress

  • To ensure a positive user experience, we have made automated functional product testing a priority. This will speed up development, help troubleshoot new features, and give us confidence in our code.
  • As with every month, we have completed more testing and optimization on the Mintlayer core.
  • We have also implemented a few more updates to our peer-to-peer mechanism.


We are consistently meeting or surpassing targeted delivery goals. Our team has grown since the previous progress report, increasing our production and refinement capabilities.

We are on track to launch the Token Generation Event (TGE) and release mainnet in Q1, 2023. Important milestones targeted for Q4 2022 include:

  • Launch of “Lovelace” testnet for Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • New features for the mobile and web wallets including user generated entropy for private key generation.
  • Finalizing MLS-01 and MLS-03 standards in testnet.

As of now we are fully on track to meet or exceed these expectations.

To install Mojito wallet on Android and iOS please click here.

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