November 2022 Mintlayer Development Update

Monday, Nov 28, 2022

Since our last development update in October, the Mintlayer team has been hard at work polishing both the mobile wallet and the web browser extension.

We continued our work with the group of alpha testers brought on to help refine the web browser extension.

Our team has continued making progress on the Mintlayer core.


We have implemented a few small code changes and security updates to the mobile wallet since our last update.

The team has worked on fixing and improving some of the existing tests.

We have completed more work on continuous integration.

We have added more new tests since the last update. Work on the entropy feature has also progressed.

Web Browser Extension

We have been hard at work on the feedback we received from alpha test users. 267 users participated in alpha testing and 42 provided feedback.

We have addressed some small bugs in the form interactions and worked on improving form validation.

We have also worked on improving connectivity issue management.

There has been some generic software maintenance and we updated the roadmap for the app.

Core Development Update


We have continued working on the Mintlayer wallet and aspects of key derivation. This includes seed phrase generation, and the derivation path.

Storage Backend

This month we merged the last database components. We have completed more work on the concurrency issues in the LMDB (Lightning Memory-Mapped Database) library.

Mempool Update

We have been working on refactoring the mempool.

Additional Updates

We have completed a lot of work on the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism this month.

There has been more work on P2P - our team is making plans for dropping libp2p as a dependency after a number of issues, and will use our own implementation instead.


Our development team met in person this month to discuss some of the more complex issues that come up anytime you work in uncharted territory. We are progressing as planned, and we are still hiring . If you are a developer with blockchain experience, we would love to have you a part of our team.

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