Mintlayer is Now Partnered With Forint Finance

Friday, Jan 13, 2023

Mintlayer is proud to announce our partnership with Forint Finance, the developer of Swappy. Swappy is a cross-chain swap and decentralized exchange.

In case you missed the call, check out the recording below:

Besides offering a powerful DEX with cross-chain capability, Swappy also features an on-ramp that will allow customers to deposit funds via debit or credit card.

Mintlayer retains all the advantages of being on the Bitcoin network while in turn eliminating what may be possible disadvantages, such as system scalability, efficiency and transaction cost. The solution offered by Mintlayer is particularly suitable for us since our ecosystem is focused on communication and interoperability between blockchains, and in our opinion, the product offered by Mintlayer is the most efficient way to set up a bridge to the Bitcoin blockchain.

In addition, the interesting part of Mintlayer’s product is atomic transactions, which will allow Forint Finance itself to expand the possible services it already offers to its users by being able to directly create peer-to-peer exchange relationships to go alongside the more common use of interfacing with liquidity pools.” - Gabriele De Propris, CEO of Forint Finance

We are excited to partner with organizations that already have proven products and track records, to help accelerate the utility and growth of the Mintlayer ecosystem.

For more information on Forint Finance, check out their website. To see Swappy already in action, you can visit their website here.