January 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Tuesday, Jan 31, 2023

Our latest Community Call took place on the 26th of January. Michael Bille (CBDO) joined Ben Marsh (CTO) remotely to discuss the latest developments here at Mintlayer.

If you missed the video, you can check it out below.

The Mintlayer team has been hard at work since the beginning of the year. We have completed our first milestone of the year, the release of our browser extension. Users can now create a Mintlayer wallet right on their desktop.

The team is continuously improving and revisiting all aspects of development, while making great progress each month in several areas.

Browser Extension Launched

We are proud to announce that we launched the Mintlayer browser extension last week. You can download Mintlayer wallet for Chrome and Brave. 

Downloads for Firefox and Microsoft Edge will be coming shortly. Development on those versions is complete, we are just awaiting webstore approval. 

The team finished testing and implementing public feedback ideas before launch. We were also able to address a few last minute bugs. 

We worked on the launch site, and have started working on the next phase of web development on our to do list.


We completed a few small bug fixes this month, and continued testing work. 

We are coming close to finalizing entropy generation (this development will also apply to our web wallet). Development is practically complete, we only need to work through some proofs to prove that the implementation is sound. We are confident that it will be, because the theory has been tested.

Core Development

We have contributed a lot of work to core development this month. 

The team has worked on the Lightning Memory-Mapped Database library crate this month, fixing many issues for our implementation.

We completed much more work on P2P. We dropped libp2p as a dependency, and reimplemented the parts that we need for development.

We continued to work on the command line wallet, and made minor crypto changes. 

We continued working on our proof-of-stake consensus, primarily focusing on accounting this month. Once again we have contributed work on the mempool. 

This month we have worked on a lot of the bugs and issues that have presented themselves as we progress through core development. We welcome everyone to follow along on our development at the Mintlayer-core Source Code repository.


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