Mintlayer is Now Partnered With Launchpool Labs

Thursday, Mar 2, 2023

Mintlayer is proud to announce our partnership with Launchpool Labs, a project incubator that helps connect all the stakeholders of the crypto community.

Launchpool helps connect investors, advisors, developers, teams, and the various brain trusts such as universities that are at the forefront of blockchain technology.

Our goal with the Incubator Program is to help create and grow early-stage projects by providing them with the necessary support, financial, and technical services. 

With our expertise we will be able to assist projects involved in the Incubator Program with:

  • Legal setup and company structure
  • Fundraising / Crowdfunding
  • Marketing
  • Project Development
  • Business consulting
  • Product strategy and roadmap
  • Token economy mapping
  • Community growth 
  • Ongoing support 
  • Becoming a part of the Mintlayer ecosystem

“You can’t have technology without community backing it up. We understand this at Labs - a unique blockchain incubator where teams, advisors, tech talents, and our investor community come together in shaping projects of the future.” - Roxana Nasoi, Managing Director at Launchpool Labs

To get involved in the Incubator Program, please submit an application via our website’s ecosystem page.