Incentivized Testnet: Final Distribution Details

Wednesday, Sep 27, 2023

The conclusion of Mintlayer’s incentivized testnet program is set for January 31, 2024, six months following its initiation. At that time, a total pool of 1 million ML tokens will be allocated for distribution.

Participants in eligible pools will receive a proportional share of the 1 million ML tokens based on their total number of TML tokens, including any delegated tokens. The ML tokens will be transferred to the address submitted by each pool operator on the launch site within 30 days after the program ends, marking March 2, 2024, as the final distribution date.

To be eligible, pools must be generated by the testnet withdrawal address on the launch site and pass the KYC process. Any attempts to create multiple accounts to acquire more TML tokens will be detected and flagged, resulting in account suspension.

Various methods for collecting TML tokens during the program exist:

  • A faucet will dispense 100 TML tokens per day.
  • ML tokens can be staked to acquire TML tokens.
  • Staking TML tokens on the testnet.

Disclaimer: This Program Is Not an Investment

Participation in the Mintlayer incentivized testnet program is not to be considered an investment. The program is designed for testing and educational purposes, and participants should not enter with the expectation of earning profits. The ML tokens involved are utility tokens, designed to provide access to the Mintlayer network and services provided by RBB S.r.l., the company issuing the tokens. They are not financial instruments.

TML tokens have no monetary value and are solely for use in operating the Mintlayer testnet. Participants should be aware that the testnet could cease to operate at any time, resulting in the loss of all TML tokens.

Forbidden Behavior

Creating multiple accounts to collect more TML tokens or any form of manipulation is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate account suspension. Users are expected to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to them.