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Looking Forward: Mintlayer’s Renewed Focus

As part of our ongoing efforts to revitalize our messaging and energize our community, we are looking forward.

Claim Your Share of Our $4M Grants Initiative

Mintlayer has approximately $4M available for open-source development grants.

We Are Updating Lightning Network Integration

We are changing the way we support the Lightning Network in the Mojito Wallet.

March 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Preparing for the TGE and more work on the core. Read this post for a full update of our development progress.

Mintlayer’s ML token will list with

Mintlayer is proud to announce the ML token listing on

Mintlayer Rewards

Mintlayer users can stake their ML tokens to participate in the consensus mechanism, which will earn block rewards.

Ticker Change: MLT becomes ML

The Mintlayer token previously known as MLT is now known as ML

Mintlayer Circulating Supply

Mintlayer’s supply has a hard cap, and the circulating supply can be accurately estimated at any given time.

Mintlayer Pre-TGE ML Token Sale

Last opportunity to acquire Mintlayer tokens before TGE.

Mintlayer is Now Partnered With Launchpool Labs

Mintlayer is proud to announce our partnership with Launchpool! Launchpool is a project that connects the varied stakeholders of the crypto community.

What Makes Mintlayer Unique? Key Differences

Mintlayer isn’t just another blockchain. It is carefully designed to be a capable DeFi platform and interoperable with Bitcoin.

February 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

New browser extension, lots of core development, and work on entropy. Read this post for a full update of our development progress.

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