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Future Use Cases for NFTs

Mintlayer’s unique organizational structure, open source status, and technology stack make it ideal for organizational adoption of NFTs.

January 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

New browser extension, lots of core development, and work on entropy. Read this post for a full update of our development progress.

The Future of Defi on Bitcoin

Mintlayer ushers in the future of DeFi on Bitcoin by removing the need for wrapped tokens and bridges, and building native Bitcoin support directly into the platform.

What Kind of Projects Can Be Built On Mintlayer?

Mintlayer will bring the full potential of DeFi to the Bitcoin blockchain. Here are some of the projects that could be built on Mintlayer in the near future.

Mintlayer is Now Partnered With Forint Finance

Mintlayer is proud to announce our partnership with Forint Finance! Forint will integrate Swappy, a cross-chain swap and DEX, into the Mintlayer ecosystem.

How Does Mintlayer Compare to Ethereum?

Mintlayer and Ethereum have several similarities, and also many differences that set them apart.

Mintlayer partners with Metaverse 4 Finance

Mintlayer is proud to announce our partnership with Metaverse 4 Finance, an incubator event developed by dpixel and Sella.

What Are Smart Contracts?

What are smart contracts, and how will they be used on the Mintlayer blockchain?

2022 Mintlayer Year In Review

Year in Review 2022 update from Mintlayer.

What is the Utility of ML Tokens?

Mintlayer’s ML tokens will have many utilities. In this article we will describe the evolution from exchanging for services to facilitating Dapps.

What Is the Meaning of TGE in Crypto?

TGE in Crypto means “Token Generation Event”. TGEs are when a project’s utility tokens become available to the public.

Mintlayer token launch
Mintlayer Token Launch Announcement

Mintlayer’s token generation event (TGE) is scheduled for March 21, 2023. We have decided to issue Mintlayer tokens on Ethereum.

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