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What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most prominent digital currency. It may surprise you to learn about all the companies that accept Bitcoin as payment.

What Are UTXOs?

UTXOs are the building blocks of Mintlayer and Bitcoin. Learn about the advantages and challenges introduced with this accounting system.

Bitcoin Bridging

Learn how other blockchains introduce vulnerabilities to Bitcoin users and how Mintlayer solves DeFi’s biggest attack surface.

Bitcoin Nodes Explained

What are Bitcoin nodes, and what is their function?

Bitcoin Mining Explained

What is Bitcoin mining? How does it work, and why is it necessary?

May 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Read this post for a full update of May’s development progress.

Mintlayer ML Staking

Learn about our staking program and how you can engage with the Mintlayer network.

Bitcoin Halving Explained

What is Bitcoin halving? What effect will it have on Mintlayer?

The Problems With BRC-20 Tokens

BRC-20 has caused a stir lately, but is the tech really sound for real life use cases?

The Blockspace Dilemma: Bitcoin Congestion and the Emergence of Inscriptions and BRC20

Exploring Bitcoin's congestion issues and Mintlayer's potential as a solution.

How Mintlayer Adds Value to Bitcoin

Why does the world need another blockchain? Exactly how does Mintlayer add value to Bitcoin?

April 2023 Mintlayer Development Update

Read this post for a full update of April’s development progress.

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